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Good Website is Important for Limo Business – LimoLabs

By Limo SEO Agent | 3 years ago

Nowadays, it is almost demanded to have a great looking website. No matter if the information contained on the website is valuable, many visitors won’t even bother exploring if it is represented on an outdated website.

You don’t want people coming to your website and wondering are you still in business and whether the information there is actually correct. Investing in a website redesign or having a brand new website set up correctly from the start can be a great way for you to start driving more, land more bookings and reach new clients.


Having a great website is a prerequisite if you want to land more high-end clientele, and advertize your stretch limos and more costly rentals than just simple sedans and town cars. If you do wedding and prom limo service, than these are the clients who are looking for a one-time thing and these occasions are far too special to risk it on questionable companies. And yes, before you ask, an outdated site automatically places you in the questionable category.

New customers don’t know anything about you. They don’t know the level of exceptional service you provide. They will turn to your website to see who you are, and they will decide right then and there whether to trust you as a business and use your services, or not.

Why not convert those maybes into paying customers?

Visually appealing

Case studies show that 90% of people create a first impression regarding the website solely based on its appearance. And trust me, as soon as they land on your page, they will form an opinion. When it comes to limo, cab and private car services, this is especially important. People want to see uncluttered, simple design that will provide them valuable information presented in smaller chunks.

Lead generation

First and foremost, a good website can help you generate quality leads and land more bookings. People will be more inclined to book a ride with you if they see your rates, check out your services, see your fleet, and get an overall sense of your offer.

Make it easy for your customers to stay in touch and get attractive deals by having a simple email subscription button.

Easy Booking

SAllow your visitors the convenience and all the relief that comes with easy booking. They are more likely to complete the steps if you make them simple enough. Enable Click-to-Call so that your visitors can call you immediately while they are still browsing through your website on their phones.

Add a booking widget so that they can simply check your rates with couple of clicks and decide if the service is right for their budget. Even if they are just browsing, with a 3-step booking simplicity, they will remember your website and will come back once they are ready to book a ride.

Regardless of the booking widget, all booking processes should be as simple as possible.


Search engines love to see that you are tweaking your website, that you are refreshing your content and trying to be up-to-date. New websites nowadays are usually built using WordPress and similar platforms that all come with a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to insert your own content all by yourself. You don’t have to depend on programmers and ask them every time when you want to update texts or perform minor changes.

This is important for SEO because it’s much easier to use certain keywords and drive relevant traffic to your website if you can do it in matter of seconds, as opposed to chasing the persons who built the website and being at their mercy.

Load speed plays an important part here too. Good, optimized website has to load fast. Search engines love it, but people appreciate this even more.

100% Responsive

Having 100% responsive website means a 100% more opportunity to be discovered because people can access your website using any viable device. Your content will be available to them (as well as your booking information) whether they are on the go or at home on their desktop computer.

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Good Website is Important for Limo Business – LimoLabs

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