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Get more leads via Google Maps listing for your limo service

By Limo SEO Agent | 3 years ago

Google Maps (Google+ Local) listing presents one of the cornerstones of your SEO campaigns. Since your main goal is to rank on Google it goes without saying that your business should be presented on one of its most important services. In order to do that it’s not enough just to register you company but create strong presence which will result with good rankings for relevant keywords and increase the number of leads for your limousine service.

Here are some basic instructions to make your Google Maps listing stand out:

Correct Data

When you enter signup page for Google Places fill out the all the necessary forms – Name, Address, Category, URL of your website, working Hours…Be precise with all data you enter and keep them synchronized with data on your website.

Do’s and Don’ts


PIN code verification is a must

After you fill in all other fields and confirm your submission you will be asked to receive a PIN code. Enter your business address and after you receive a PIN code (it takes up to 10-15 days to arrive) enter the number and your Google Maps listing is complete. It is very important to enter PIN code because otherwise your listing won’t be published. When your business listing goes live don’t forget to create a quality image of your logo and upload it.


Use your website for first contact

Next step is making your listing easy to be found and reviewed. First part is placing the link to your Google Maps listing on your website and along with that Google +1 icon. That way all visitors from your website can see and visit your listing.

Encourage clients to review your business

Next thing you have to do is to encourage your customers to leave a an honest review on your listing. You can do this through your offline or online communication with your clients and ask them to visit your page and write a review about services you provide.


Posting & Tracking

Keeping it alive

After you set up your account and start working on your reviews it is necessary to keep your account alive and updated. Post all the content related to your business: promotions, special offers, discounts, blog posts…

Analyze your leads

Final step in promoting and managing your Google Maps listing is to analyze your efforts.Complete data about your keyword rankings and visitors can be viewed under Insights tab within your Google Places Dashboard.


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