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Limolabs Presents: A New Player on the Bus Charter Market

By Limo SEO Agent | 3 years ago

Bus Charter Market near Chicago has a new player on the field! Introducing Swift Charters, a bus rental service near my location that offers a range of brand new vehicles like Mercedes Sprinter, shuttle buses and large charter buses for hire. Just check out their fleet and you’ll see why they are the optimum option for coach bus rental services in Chicago. And let’s not forget to mention that their prices are extremely budget-friendly!  

You probably know by now that your nearest digital marketing agency wouldn’t rave about just any random charter rental company in Chicago. Of course that there’s more to the story! In addition to being the best at what they do, as of recent, they are also clients of ours. Yeah, you read it right, all the effective gorgeousness you feel on their website was provided by yours truly. LimoLabs team created their visual identity and online presentation as well as website design, widgets, and visuals. Moreover, from now on this team will take care of their marketing and SEO too!

How Does One Go About Creating the Brand Image?

With LimoLabs, it’s all so easy! For Swiftians, Limolabs design team created a recognizable color pattern that conforms to the brand identity and the logo. The color palette is simple, three-colored, with plenty of white spaces to make the content pop-out and be easily readable by the Swift Charters website visitors.

The website is your online portfolio, your representation of the brand and messages you want to convey. There’s no denying it, a good, responsive and mobile friendly-website in the key to your success nowadays. Let’s be honest, phones do control our lives, and if clients can’t find a proper portrayal of your business among the first pages of google search- it’s like you don’t even exist at all!

But that’s not a reason to despair at all! Your online presence will flourish, and clients will come running, calling, clicking & booking (and they will stick around) if you hire the most reliable digital marketing agency nearby to guide you through these unpredictable internet waters.

What Does It Take to Grab the Attention of Site Visitors?

In order to increase the time spent on site and to pique the interest of visitors browsing through Swift service pages, large visuals were used. You’ll notice the general simple yet impactful theme throughout all the pages, from corporate, across wedding bus service all the way to overnight trips and tour bus rentals.

Don’t forget to stop by their blog page! There’s plenty of useful and fun stuff to read there! From trivia about the most expensive buses on the planet, helpful tips about coach bus service in Chicago, environmentally conscious thought pieces, all the way to advise about how to handle long bus trips.

The fantastic Swift team truly goes all out in favor of your ultimate coach bus experience!

Which Component Is the Most Important One, Though?

The convenient booking widget is placed on top of the homepage to entice people to ask for quotes. Getting booking information and the final price has never been easier. All Swift future travelers need to do is provide basic details like the starting point for their trip, number of passengers, date and time, and contact info where they wish to receive the email. It’s that simple.

The icons used are sleek and inviting; they captivate the Swift Charter visitors’ attention and provide useful information. There is an entire segment dedicated to the social media icons that motivate users to check out Swift Charter social profiles. Email collection is performed by the simple newsletter signup that doesn’t interfere with the rest of the website.

So, if you like what you see, contact your favorite SEO marketing company near me, and after a few thorough consultations, you’ll have a beautiful, custom-made site that will impress your customers!

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