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LimoLabs Presents: The Prestigious Chicago Newcomer

By Limo SEO Agent | 6 months ago

Today, we are proud to introduce a new client that’s joining out team! As of recently, they are offering their luxurious driving services in Chicago, as well. Whenever the road takes you to Illinois, you have a fresh option of lush transportation to count on. Ladies and gentlemen, LimoLabs is proudly presenting: AJ Limo Chicago!

Milwaukee and NYC

This limo company may be spreading its wings in Chicago, but it’s worth mentioning that AJ is already a well-established acronym in Milwaukee and New York limo-sphere. Focusing primarily on the corporate and airport transport, they have grown their business in The Big Apple and Cream City, kept their customers consistently happy and asking for the next ride. Now, AJ Limo is making their presence known in the Windy City as well, to raise the bar and exceed all the passengers’ expectations.

City - The Prestigious Chicago Newcomer

Flexible Services

At fantastic rates, any person is at liberty to explore Chicago at their own pace with AJ Limo. They offer several services which are, of course, adjustable to every client’s desire. Rides to and from the airport (both O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport) can be arranged, as well as reliable transport for the business meetings all over Chicago. “By the hour” and “Point to point” are also among their services. That is, the drive can be charged per hour or per mile, depending on what is more convenient for the customer. No part of Chicago is out of the reach: Naperville, Lemont, Arlington Heights, Burr Ridge, Schaumburg, Barrington, and Hinsdale are just a hop, skip and jump away. All the villages close to Chicago like Kenilworth, Winnetka, Glencoe, and Lake Forest will be at your fingertips with AJ Limo.

Equipped Fleet

AJ Limo is coming to Chicago fully locked and loaded, prepared to be on hand and of service to every person in Chicagoland who is looking for a deluxe ride. With a garage full of the exclusive and carefully maintained vehicles for all their clients to enjoy. Sedan Lincoln Continental, Luxury Mercedes S Class, SUV Lincoln Navigator L and VAN Ford Transit are all parked in their garage and ready to provide the good people of Chicago with the transport adventures to remember. The clients can pick their rides according to their needs, the number of passengers and quantity of luggage (if there is any). These exquisite machines are meticulously inspected before every ride to ensure everybody’s safety.

Transportation - The Prestigious Chicago Newcomer

Crème de la crème Staff Members

The chauffeurs and customer service representatives are in constant contact with the passengers, so understandably they must be up to par. AJ Limo has managed to assemble a team of highly skilled professionals both on the wheels and on the phone! All the drivers in their employ share a deep knowledge of Chicago’s streets, on top of which they must pass a rigorous test and complete an extensive training. The title of “AJ Limo Chauffer” has to be earned with lots of hard work and dedication. Same goes for customer care experts; an extensive know-how of all the nooks and crannies of The Windy City is a prerequisite! A wonderful customer service agent has a patient demeanor paired helpful attitude, and AJ Limo Chicago has filled their customer service ranks with people like that! At customers’ disposal 24/7, ready and eager to help with any transportation concern that comes up!

New Star has risen on Chicago-Limo skyline!

Be sure to check out their site and business site; our creative team fashioned a user-friendly layout which is a breeze to navigate through. We made sure that all the important info pops up in contrast to the relaxing blue background, and that all the services of our client are just a few clicks away!

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