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Website Development

  • Cross-browser
  • Online Booking
  • 100%
  • Content Management
  • Conversion-Optimized

No matter what web browser they are using, your visitors will be able to consume your content - be it on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, Internet Explorer or others.

Integrate a booking widget on your website. Make the reservation process really simple and allow customers to get online quotes with just a few clicks.

Get a website that will be accessible on all devices, desktop and mobile, no matter the screen size and orientation.

WordPress platform comes with the simplest content management system that allows you to manage the content on your website with ease.

Our websites are specifically designed to make conversion process easier. That means more booked rides, calls, emails and qualified leads.

Basic Pages Basic Pages This package contains the development of 8 pages.
Each additional page is charged $70, and each custom page $110
Logo Redesign Logo Redesign One custom logo design/redesign. Each additional redesign is charged.
Copywriting Copywriting Professional copywriting services and polishing of your content.
Presentation Pages Presentation Pages About Fleet Services
Online Form pages Online Form pages Quotes Reservations
Customer Interaction Pages Customer Interaction Pages Contact Testimonials
Software Integration Software Integration Limo Anywhere jLimo
Daily Backup
Uptime Monitoring Uptime Monitoring 24/7/365 Website uptime monitoring.
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We are your go-to marketing agency for Limo services. It’s simple – we know your business, all the ins and the outs. By knowing your exact problems, we have a proven expertise to offer tangible, potent solutions.

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Website is an important channel that represents your business and your core values and as such, it has to be synergetic. Each little piece must work on its own, but it also has to fit perfectly into the finished piece of a puzzle – painting the bigger picture about your limo service.

Great website should be unified, offering:

  • Memorable layout
  • Responsive design
  • To-the-point copy
  • State of the art SEO
  • Intuitiveness and ease of use
  • Quoting and bookings
  • LimoAnywhere or jLimo integration
  • Google Geocoding API address resolving
  • Detailed website analyses
  • Answers to your customers’ questions
Boost traffic and increase your ROI

Marketing Expertise & Website Design

You can have our expert knowledge about all things limo Marketing Expertise is specifically honed in the limo niche, and Website Design is driven by hospitality providers in automotive industry. All our services aim to raise your profits many times over. Our rates are affordable, while results are upped to the max.

LimoLabs is bringing you the best of both worlds .

Convert site visitors into PAYING CUSTOMERS

Conversion-Optimized Interface

We can help. Each website page should have a clear goal. If you are into ground transport, then your main goal is to convert people from website visitors to customers who are driven by your company. Our website design is specifically created to guide the user towards that goal, and create simple, yet memorable user experience.



Websites follow best and current design practices and focus on great user experience. All websites are optimized for all screen sizes, and come with a 100% responsive mobile version. Our designs are developed specifically for ground transportation providers.