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5 Things Limo Customers Won’t Tolerate, According to Our Clients

By Limo SEO Agent | 3 years ago

When the business starts booming and customers start lining up to book their services, some businesses go astray by lowering their quality and increasing the prices. You’ve seen it with digital marketing agencies nearby (not with LimoLabs, of course), limo companies, coffee shops, local pizza places and so on.

5 Things Limo Customers Won't Tolerate

What Are the Reasons Behind This Peculiar Phenomenon?

It has not really been established whether this “method” is happening as a part of these companies’ deliberate business plan or an unfortunate circumstance, but it’s become evident that most business owners seem not to care about retaining their clientele (and keeping them happy) once the cash starts flowing in. So, what happens? The clients leave. Honestly, why would anyone beg you to up your game when they can go to a company that’s already putting them first! Obviously, not everyone is as negligent of customer satisfaction rate and that’s what’s still giving us hope.

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In LimoLabs, all our clients are carefully selected. Your favorite SEO marketing company near me works only with the most professional ground transportation companies there are which have a wonderful relationship with THEIR own clients. In collaborating with them, our team has had the privilege to get an insight into their operative methods, motos and learn what keeps them as great as they are. They all have agreed on a few important policies that have helped them grow as strong as they have, and they’re very strict about keeping those policies alive.

So, if you’ve got a limo company already or are planning on opening one sometime soon, you should think about your approach to online presentation, web-design & development, SEO and marketing strategy, naturally.  Still, you have the nearest SEO marketing professionals at your disposal, so you really don’t have to over that part of your business improvement. Rather read the rules below and learn what are the most common triggers that make customers leave (and try not to make those same mistakes):

5 Things Limo Customers Won't Tolerate According to Our Clients

Lack of Professionalism

If you are at all serious about the work you do, you should know the customer is not always right, but they demand a level of professionalism that goes beyond their religious, cultural, social or other norms. No matter how happy they are with the service you are offering, your customers will leave the moment they feel underappreciated, mocked, undervalued or attacked. Apart from this basic human decency you should exercise towards your customers, keep the general rulebook in check: polite and toned-down conversations, avoiding getting too personal with the clients, staying punctual, etc. That’s where the delicate art of social listening comes in handy.

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Irresponsible and Unprofessional Booking

In life and in business, things can change and fall apart in a second; your customers will understand if you need to cancel their ride once or ask to move it to another hour due to some unforeseen circumstance. However, if this praxis keeps happening and you re-schedule them more than once in a day/week/month, consider them gone. Although a certain level of tolerance does go a long way (both on your end and your clients), your job is to meet your clients’ demands without making it too difficult. So, if you notice your clients have been dropping you recently, maybe it’s time you reorganized your booking methods, hired or trained more quality dispatchers and changed your business attitude. Do a survey from time to time with your regulars to see what makes them happy in your company and what doesn’t. Gather the “doesn’t”s and fix them.

Impolite Chauffeurs

Impoliteness should be banned from all spheres of our lives, limo services near my area included. Impolite chauffeurs are one of the worst things you can have your brand be known for. People paying for your services are expecting to be treated with respect and have drivers that are polite, patient, knowledgeable about the road and have great communication skills. Long gone are days of short-tempered, angry drivers who throw you out of the car when they’re having a bad day; culture, manners, and understanding are, thankfully, the new trend. Therefore, if you don’t want your clients to leave, make sure your drivers are educated professionals that won’t ever put your clients in a weird situation and make them feel uncomfortable. Better yet – hire the type of drivers YOU would want to drive with.

Being Late

Everyone’s got someplace to go and be, and they want to be there on time; whether they are traveling for business or pleasure, your customers want to get a limo service which honors the requirements and instructions given. If your customer is meeting up with a business client and they are late, they’ll lose the respect of their client and look unprofessional; if the bridal party is waiting on a limo that’s late, the entire wedding is getting moved to a later hour (with the clerk/priest potentially even cancelling the wedding term if the party’s too late); if your client is waiting to get picked up to go sightseeing and you are not there, they’ll potentially waste a few gallery/museum/boat touring tickets they’d bought. Anyway, just keep in mind the importance of your client’s schedules, honor them – and you’ll be fine.

Low-Quality Fleet

If you are advertising for class-A quality, then provide class-A quality! Putting up super glamorous photos of your fleet on the website will get you the clients but presenting them with old, half-running cars will only get them to leave. For starters, keep the cars regularly serviced, and clean and fresh – both on the outside and inside. The customers are paying good money for your services, so make sure you provide what you promise – in every sense of the word.

The team in LimoLabs is on a mission of actively finding the best ways to keep OUR clients happy and through honest and open communication, excellent service they get and living up to our promises- the best digital marketing agency proves to be their ultimate choice again and again. Adopt the same style in your business and you’ll be fine, no doubt.

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