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Experts for all things limo

Limolabs - Digital Agency for Limo Services

Why choose LimoLabs?

IT & Marketing for Limo Companies

LimoLabs is an all-encompassing full service digital agency that enables smoother transition into digital technology for all ground transportation services.

We are a digital agency that understands black car service issues, desires, and we know our clients’ customers through and through. There’s so much more to to limo services – we get every aspect of our clients’ business. That’s the main reason why our solutions work.

Who We Are

We’re a team of experienced professionals – project managers, marketing managers, software developers, designers and business analysts with years of experience in car service industry.

We have established ourselves as expert specialists in the development of web, mobile apps, events, media, and ecommerce solutions for a very specific business niche – limousine service.

We Are


Exploring is our passion, and that is why we constantly research the latest best practices, and aim to evolve our knowledge.


We are called LimoLabs for a reason. We create, test, and deploy solutions that work – and work wonders.


All our efforts yield useful results: Increasing your ROI, conversions and your bottom line.

Friendly & Supportive

Always ready to guide you through the processes we implement, and to provide support whenever you need it.

Long-term Thinkers

Our results are built to last. That is why we plan several steps and several roads ahead.


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