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The Qualities Customers Expect to See in a Taxi Driver

By Limo SEO Agent | 3 years ago

When in the taxi business near or far, in order to establish customer’s trustworthiness, you have to have an established online presence and impeccable customer service. You can’t really let a bad day, your temper, your potential lack of interest for the job you are doing or any other current or ongoing problem take the best of you. Keep in mind your customers are not only your meal ticket but people just like you – with their own stuff going on, and they’d appreciate the same treatment you’d like to get as a customer.

Since LimoLabs team handles SEO, development & design web pages, and marketing for a number of clients in the ground transportation industry, plenty of various companies crossed our path. From experienced charter rentals to enthusiastic, fresh limousine companies, this team has seen at all. Naturally, every client has a different story, particular priorities, operative business methods, attitudes, and expectations.

On that note, it is no secret that your nearest SEO marketing agency has seen some taxi companies go out of business due to their employees’ insufficient efforts to keep the business running smoothly, even though everything else was working fine. On the other hand, there were those who were open to their customers’ criticism and advice and have managed to positively upgrade their services immeasurably. One of those ever-improving taxi companies which you can rely on is Yellow Checkered Cab from San Jose, California.

These guys are really a stellar example of how to get along with both their clients and the people providing them with SEO marketing service nearby. In our few years working together, some of the following qualities in taxi service have been proven as essential for client satisfaction.

Quality Service

Why Are Good Manners so Crucial?

It goes without saying your customers expect you to have good manners in assisting them; be cultured, nice and pleasant. Help your party with the luggage, smile and show a socially acceptable level of interest for them by asking about their day or just how they are. Ask them if they are comfortable, whether they need the windows open/shut, the air-conditioning on, the radio off, etc. This type of approach will go a long way and the customers will want to book again with you.

Responsibility Is the Key

When your clients book a ride on demand, they expect you’ll be there on time. If you are booked in advance and know that and that road takes ages to go through, leave earlier; if you are an immediate call, give a punctual ETA – don’t say you’ll be there in 5 minutes if you know it’ll take over 10 minutes. Or don’t book wheelchair accessible taxi rides or tell your potential client’s that you have an ECO-friendly option when if you don’t offer that service. Your customers will appreciate your honesty and responsibility more than you know. Yellow Checker Cab is very explicit when it comes to their taxi drivers’ responsibility: they understand the importance of honoring their clients’ schedules, and they always go out of their way to keep the booking straight.

Take That Much-Need Initiative

If you see your party is struggling with the luggage, is feeling unwell, needs assistance with any random thing – show initiative and offer to help! Just by being observant and attentive, you’ll make someone’s day better. Additionally, show initiative by channeling your driving skill properly: if you are stuck in a traffic jam or your customer needs to get somewhere as quickly as possible, and you know a shortcut – suggest changing routes! Show your client you care for their benefit: logic and problem-solving skills go a long way in this business.

The Qualities Customers Expect to See in a Taxi Driver

High Level of Driving Skill

Irresponsible, reckless and bad driving simply don’t fit the “the best taxi driver of the year” equation, no matter how tempting channeling a Frédéric Diefenthal (Émilien Coutant-Kerbalec) may be at times. Your customers want to feel secure when they get the nearest cab, and they want to know they’ll arrive to their destination safely. Leave your adventurous driving for after work shenanigans on the racetrack somewhere far from regular traffic and focus on providing the best possible transportation service to your customer(s).

Social Intelligence Is a Must-Have

Taxi drivers usually make the mistake of failing to read people properly, and that’s where things get messy. Being socially intelligent in this job (or any other job of that matter) means knowing which customers feel or don’t feel like chatting, engaging in a deeper conversation. So guys, listen in, figure out which of them like humor or teasing, and which ones would rather just keeping silent on their way to a business meeting, an airport, restaurant or a club. The guys over at Yellow Checker Cab say good communication skills will get you a regular if you are smart enough. You are very likely to piss off a customer with your stories if they are a quite type; or – even worse – giving someone a silent treatment or being rude answers when they’re trying to engage in a conversation with you.

A hot tip: ALWAYS steer clear of topics like politics, religion, (in)tolerance and similar.

Tolerance, Patience, Understanding

Although the core concept of virtually every successful business reduces to one, single phrase called “The customer is always right”, everyone knows the customer isn’t always right, and they’re not always the nicest people to handle. However, there’s no space to get personal in business; rather, it’s your job to learn to handle even the most difficult of customers without getting angry or unpleasant. If you read someone’s going to be a pain, leave it be. Don’t let it get into your head and cloud your driving; let the person say what they want, act what they like and have their way. Stay tolerant of their bad behavior, and you’ll be good. Additionally, tolerance also means being open to your clients’ reasonable requests like asking you to wait a bit while they do a chore, take another street, slow down/speed up, turn off the AC, etc. It’s understandable that a taxi is pretty much your home when you’re working, but – once the customer gets in – it becomes their home, too.

If you are looking to keep your customers coming back, make sure you acknowledge the advice above and apply them to your business – no doubt you’ll see progress almost immediately.

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