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Mobile Marketing – Find Your Place In The Future

By Limo SEO Agent | 3 years ago

It’s no wonder that today there are more than 1.2 billion SmartPhones in use worldwide. They are making our lives simple and beautiful. SmartPhones platforms offer myriads of applications that we can interact with, and if you add the elegance of their design and the enchanting and engaging nature of their interfaces to that equation – what you get is simply an unputdownable tool.

IOS or Android?

The operating systems that still have got no match among mobile platforms market are iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Android platforms accounted for around 70% of global mobile market share in 2012, while iOS and Windows mobile followed with around 20% and 2,5% respectively. With regards to the interfaces iOS and Andriod are more application-centered, while Windows Phone allows you to find information fast. Somewhere along this line is the number of mobile applications built for each platform. Apple’s AppStore and apps available for Android count around 700.000 applications and that number is constantly rising, while Windows Phone offers “only” 150,000. As for features and data integration – Gmail and Google maps fans will go for Android; those who have a penchant for iTunes and MobileMe will choose iOS and Windows Phone will undoubtedly be the choice of those who are Microsoft-oriented. Android is built for customization while iOS and Windows Phone platforms are focused on use simplicity.

Goodbye PC

The users of mobile devices will definitely find their way round the multiple choices they have, and the fact that the 30% of all web traffic today goes through mobile devices confirms that web consumers are going mobile widely. There is no sign of this growth slowing down with new products (tablets, iPad), new technology (car-based systems), new core systems (geo-location) and new generation of mobile access (4G) all coming down to the development that will result in PCs’ and laptops’ becoming things of the past. Apart from the fact that mobile devices enable users to do everything they could do on a desktop or a laptop, they can also carry them around. Moreover, Google’s and Apple’s AppStore together give them over 150 million and counting opportunities to say: “I have an app for that!”

Staying Relevant with Mobile Presence

In order for businesses to stay relevant and fresh in today’s environment they must have a mobile presence. Online marketing has opened a new mobile marketing chapter and we have seen only the beginning of it. Despite the fact that SmartPhones have the most common way of accessing the internet, there is still a gap between the time and budget spent on mobile marketing and the staggering statistics that show consumers engagement with mobile apps. Businesses are discovering that mobile apps are the most affordable and effective way to reach out to their customers, while the customers are enjoying benefits from seamless and fast information an app delivers. Since mobile apps have become so functional and take the “wait” out of mobile, their popularity amongst busy executives on the go who value their time, comes as no surprise.

The Importance of Location

SmartPhones allow business executives, managers and entrepreneurs to be tuned in when on the go regardless of their location, and the boundaries of suburbs or states become irrelevant. A mobile app provides easy pin pointing of data relevant to the user location, searching the services in the neighborhood of the mobile user. Executives travelling across the states from meeting to meeting, airport to airport, can rely on the fact that a mobile application is there to assist them with a wide choice of options in the city of their presence. Whether their goal is to make a reservation or find the closest restaurant they can achieve this by a few clicks on a mobile app as the data is not only fresh but germane to their location.

Apps Frenzy

Trends show that consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to make bookings. Busy professionals are embracing apps as they save them time and allow them to seal the deal. This does not come as a surprise with the ubiquitous mobile apps across different industries focus on making bookings easier. It is simple to schedule your doctor’s appointments, reserve movie tickets, book flights and limo services and make dinner and lunch reservations via SmartPhone apps. Bookings can be conveniently made at the click of a button on a SmartPhone app as opposed to having to roam around a website or having to picking up the phone to dial. In other words, in order to find their place in the future – businesses will have to view mobile applications as an essential part of their mobile marketing strategic initiative.

Life BMD

Apart from the fact that you can get faster, easier and more pervasive connectivity from a mobile device it also enables you to manage your life and your business while you’re on the go. Some of SmartPhone fans when talking about their past lives use the phrase “my life BMD” (before mobile device) and you have to admit that mobile devices have indeed changed our lives substantially. It is not only a little personal communication tool, it is a life manager. Furthermore, after one of the leading online travel agencies launched their mobile site and an application for SmartPhones they found that 70% of the bookings taken through the mobile site were for same-day bookings. Time is the one thing we all value and nothing is more likely to win a customer than the ability to book there and then. On your SmartPhone.

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