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The Art of SEO Illusions: Here’s How to Dodge a Silver Bullet

By Limo SEO Agent | 1 year ago

Want to have your cake and eat it, too? Sure, just watch out for salmonella… or silver bullets. Confused? Good. Read the article below to understand things a little better.


The Art of SEO Illusions: Here’s How to Dodge a Silver Bullet

Google Algorithm Charades

If you even remotely happen to be a part of the digital marketing game, you then know how challenging it is to stay on top the ever-changing face of Google. The often-mind-bending Google algorithm updates tend to leave even the most experienced SEO experts confused. The whole SEO processes have gotten far more demanding than they used to be when Google was still a baby, making everyone sweat a little each time a change is announced.

Now that our favorite baby has grown straight into a monster, everyone’s looking to find the best ways to keep their website positions intact while still implementing the changes Google is asking them to. Who got hit the worst?, What’s changed to the previous scheme? How is this update related to the equinox?, you’ll hear your SEO guys shout, fighting over whose conclusion “got there first.” And, with all the SEO drama out there, what’s there left to do than surrender to all the drastic (and desperate) measures, right?


Duck Down, They’re Shooting Silver!

In case you were wondering, silver bullets are the “desperate” segment of SEO game the passage above was referring to. When Google gets high on God-knows-what-Internet-drug and starts experimenting with algorithms, SEO guys (or those who falsely advertise as such) try to sneak a few shady actions into their optimization manners in hope to keep their clients’ positions safe. And while those shady actions do often work for a while (you’ve all had an “SEO expert” suggest link harvesting, Black Hat SEO, keyword stuffing, paid text links and links from popular but dangerous sites, etc.), they are not exactly what you’d call quality SEO.

Quality SEO with long-term results takes patience, commitment to understanding Google’s ways, and working to make it happy (sort of). In this game of who’s who and what’s what, real SEO experts work on relevant content creation, consistent website updates, and ongoing website tweaks as one of the critical ways to keep their clients’ positions hot. Yes, getting you on the first page of Google does take time… but all good things are worth the wait, aren’t they?


Silver Bullets are Nothing New

Silver Bullets are Nothing New

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and a few silver bullets… well, at least in case of SEO.

Although these silver bullets do make for a quick fix, especially with so many ROI goals, deadlines and processes already in place, they are definitely something you want to dodge. Why, if they work? Simply because they don’t work for too long. It’s usually a matter of time when Google’s going to see through those behaviors and ban you for eternity from its first few pages (read: first 50 pages).

To succeed, you or the company/individual you hire needs to have an SEO mindset – always being one (or five) step ahead, thinking about how you can profit from your online and offline activities while you increase your search engine visibility.


Climbing The Ladder - Silver Bullet

Climbing the Ranking Ladder

No one fully understands Google; chances are, not even Google understands Google but at least – we try. Get the right SEO expert to handle your website, and, every day, you’ll be one step closer to making it to Google’s inner circle of friends.

Here are a few things your SEO guy may suggest you do to stay at the top of search engine results pages:

  •         Invest in strategic guest blogging
  •         Blog regularly (at least once weekly, or more)
  •         Participate on social media
  •         Engage in high-quality link building
  •         Manage and keep up with your site’s/business’s reputation
  •         Keep up with the various algorithm updates released by Google
  •         Create new content regularly
  •         Update the content management system regularly
  •         Never stop working on your online reputation (i.e., getting customer testimonials & reviews)

Pro reminder: If you hear someone posing as an SEO expert say “I fixed your website, I’m done,” RUN FOR THE HILLS! SEO is never done. Never, ever.


One thing’s for sure – you’ve got to give it to Google. The engine’s such a Spanish soap opera material with all its algorithm twists and turns that there’s no worry any of us will ever get bored. Well, maybe wounded with a silver bullet if not careful enough, but hey – there’s always the option of hiring an awesome SEO company/individual to help you out, so… let’s not despair too soon.

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